The Little River Pond Mill Purifying The World

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Reduce Water Pollution

The action of the Little River Pond Mill® circulator (LRPM) creates an aerobic environment in water or waste water through surface re-aeration and the circulation of the re-aerated water/waste water to the entire pond or holding facility. Microbial evidence collected from a liquid livestock manure earthen manure storage in east central Alberta, Canada indicated the following:

prior to machines installation:
total coliforms - 700,000 cfu/ml
fecal coliforms - 400,000 cfu/ml
aerobic bacteria - 5,700 cfu/ml
after machines had been working and 2 weeks prior to pumping out the storage facility:
total coliforms and fecal coliforms - less than 1 cfu/ml each
aerobic bacteria - 27 zillion cfu/ml
Note: cfu = colony forming unit

Coliform bacteria are facultative anaerobes meaning that they can survive in an aerobic or anaerobic environment, therefore the reduction/elimination of these bacteria was due to various factors (listed below). Since coliform bacteria and a few other potentially undesirable aquatic organisms (e.g. Shigella) are similar, there is strong evidence that the Little River Pond Mill® circulators can significantly reduce the population of harmful organisms in surface and waste water where these machines are able to operate.

Significant reductions in algae, Eurasian Milfoil and water-lettuce blooms have been witnessed wherever the machines are in operation. The population reduction of undesirable organisms is due to such factors as:

  1. competition for food
  2. increased predation
  3. elimination of desired habitat characteristics
  4. exposure to UV rays at the surface
  5. oxidation of minerals such as phosphorus, iron, etc., and reducing their concentrations in the environment
  6. increased species diversity
  7. others known and unknown

Improve water quality for human consumption and use, and increased livestock weight gains and milk production through use of the Little River Pond Mill® circulators.

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